• ServerAdmin Plus

Proactively and Cost-Effectively Manage Your Domino Environment

ServerAdmin Plus is the most proactive and cost-effective solution for managing HCL Domino servers and HCL Notes clients. An enterprise-strength solution, ServerAdmin Plus empowers you to automate complex Domino environments and execute special administrative projects. With ServerAdmin Plus, you can easily address critical administrative challenges including Security, User and Groups, Mail Files and Databases and Server and Client Management.

ServerAdmin Plus provides comprehensive analysis that can be used to identify and immediately act on problems in your entire HCL Domino environment. ServerAdmin Plus provides reporting capabilities so administrators can use Microsoft Excel or other programs to share valuable analysis with others. ServerAdmin Plus also supports distributed management, letting remote administrators focus on their local projects, rules and analyses while a centralized administrator oversees them all. In addition, actions from across the product can be linked together to provide a completely integrated administration solution.

ServerAdmin Plus Allows You to:

  • Audit, establish and enforce security policies
  • Consolidate servers efficiently and automatically push out changes to end-user desktops
  • Save space on servers by finding orphaned mail files and applications with low user activity
  • Save time by managing end-users' desktops and upgrades without leaving your desk
  • Automate migrations, cluster management, email retraction, document archiving and other tasks
  • Reduce burgeoning mail files by enforcing mail file policies
  • Prevent replication errors and inconsistencies
  • Eliminate the complexity and tedium of administering Domino

And now, with New ServerAdmin Plus V9 you can:

  • Manage client configurations without end user interaction with the enhanced Client Manager
  • Improved reporting with Microsoft Excel
  • Perform enhanced security analysis
  • and much more!
ServerAdmin Plus is the optimal survival kit for Domino administrators looking to ensure that every day is "business as usual" in their Domino environments. 


Complete Automation with the Pro Manager

Create projects that automate routine tasks and perform special projects such as enforcing mail file policies and consolidating servers with the Pro Manager. You can build your own multi-step projects, integrating functionality from all areas of the product to automate any administration task by chaining multiple database actions, security actions, document actions, client actions and remote console commands.

  • Receive notifications about databases where your Admin Group is not manager
  • Find databases with no activity over a period of time
  • Consolidate servers efficiently and automatically push changes to end-user desktops
  • Merge or rename Domains
  • Maintain replicas in a cluster
  • Set administrators in all person and/or group documents
  • Create automated actions for DDM events
New features that let you link multiple functions into repeatable tasks make this tool a true one-stop admin solution. ServerAdmin Plus lets an enterprise with hundreds or thousands of users significantly improve total cost of ownership through streamlined administration. - Lotus Advisor Editors' Choice Awards, Gold Award for Administration