• Notrix

Data Integration Made Easy

Data integration is notoriously hard. The semi-structured HCL Domino document database differs fundamentally from the relational sources that store enterprise data. These differences pose many challenges including data typing, transformation, data integrity, performance, security and error handling issues. Integrating corporate data stores into mission-critical Domino applications requires a tool that can address these challenges while ensuring your applications offer maximum performance to end users. Percussion Notrixª provides all the integration features vital to your applications, delivering data between over 50 enterprise data sources and Domino in batch or in real-time.

How It Works

With Notrix, you build jobs through a graphical, drag-and-drop environment. The Notrix engine, an add-in task to your Domino server, then serves the data to your applications according to the jobs you define. Notrix jobs can be scheduled bulk transfers, or they can be based on real-time events in your application.

The Flexibility You Need

Notrix offers many powerful features that simplify the task of data integration without requiring any coding. With Notrix, you data-enable existing applications without altering the design of the Domino application or of the external database.

Data Model

Real-Time Expertise

Notrix includes a real-time option, allowing direct access to data through Domino applications. Using Notrix Event Management, each real-time link instantly processes read, update, create, and delete events as they occur. Therefore, no actual data needs be stored in the Domino database. This ensures data integrity for time-critical applications and guarantees that changes made from multiple clients or front-end systems are maintained without replication conflicts.

You can build sophisticated, real-time applications or supplement a DECS implementation with Notrix's flexible query and security profiles. The flexible query option allows users to dynamically select data by allowing all or part of the real-time query to be dynamic. Query options include key fields, operators and conditionals. You set a limit to the maximum number of rows that can be retrieved. For additional security for your real-time applications, Notrix user profiles automatically map Domino users to their native DBMS user names and passwords for all links. The parallel option allows extra links to automatically start and stop from one Notrix server to any number of parallel database sessions, easily handling dynamically changing loads.