• Percussion Software

    Percussion Software has been the leading provider of HCL Domino & Notes applications that are crucial for Domino developers and administrators.  Our products have easy-to-use graphical interfaces and don't require any of the programming that is needed for environment-wide administration, integration, and workflow management. 

    Our product line includes three applications: Percussion Notrix, for integrating corporate data into and out of Notes; Percussion PowerFlow, for automating Notes/Domino applications, such as document workflows; and Percussion ServerAdmin Plus, for administering large Notes/Domino multi-server environments.

Our Products

We offer a variety of flexible enterprise-level software


Data Integration Made Easy

Notrix offers many powerful features that simplify the task of data integration without requiring any coding. With Notrix, you data-enable existing applications without altering the design of the Domino application or of the external database.

ServerAdmin Plus

Proactively and Cost-Effectively Manage Your Domino Environment

ServerAdmin Plus is the most proactive and cost-effective solution for managing HCL Domino servers and HCL Notes clients. An enterprise-strength solution, ServerAdmin Plus empowers you to automate complex Domino environments and execute special administrative projects.


Make Domino Workflow Like a Charm

PowerFlow is a workflow product that allows you to easily add business logic to any Domino application. With its graphical interface, PowerFlow eliminates the need for complex LotusScript coding. As your business needs evolve, you implement changes by simply dragging and dropping new steps or conditions into the workflow.

Web Content Management

Percussion CMS, CM1, and Rhythmyx content management products.