• Powerflow

Make Domino Workflow Like a Charm

HCL Domino has always been known as an excellent platform for workflow because of its mail integration and application framework. However, developing workflow applications is difficult because it requires extensive LotusScript expertise. Maintenance also becomes a challenge as business processes change and employees are reassigned to new projects.

PowerFlow is a workflow product that allows you to easily add business logic to any Domino application. With its graphical interface, PowerFlow eliminates the need for complex LotusScript coding. As your business needs evolve, you implement changes by simply dragging and dropping new steps or conditions into the workflow. PowerFlow also offers built-in dynamic process modeling and dynamic person reassignment features to further simplify your workflow tasks. Business users can easily understand PowerFlow process diagrams, as well as view business process statistics to ensure maximum efficiency.

PowerFlow's Architecture Provides You with Optimal Flexibility When Building Workflow Applications

  • Automate any business logic
  • Model any role organization
  • Use any Domino application design

How It Works

PowerFlow is the only tool that allows you to automate any Domino application without altering its design. With PowerFlow, you first concentrate on building the look and feel of your application. Rather than coding the business logic, you use PowerFlow's graphical interface or Workflow Wizards. For any workflow, PowerFlow enables you to define the document path and determine how information is routed. You can also assign people to the process and specify the conditions of their assignments. At run time, the PowerFlow engine detects events in your application as they occur and processes the documents according to the logic you define. All of this functionality is available without generating any script in your application.

From Lotus Advisor Magazine:

"Powerflow provides an exceptional set of tools for designing and managing workflow activities for any application built in Domino. Whether you use the Notes client, browser clients, or both, Powerflow-enabled workflow can run on your application. No changes to the application are required. You don't have to add any special agents, forms, or other elements to your design. This makes adding and managing workflow clean."