Download resources for marketers on metrics, analytics, and KPIs to measure website and content marketing effectiveness. Get ebooks, webinars, and more.

Marketing Analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing efforts is critical for positive business outcomes, and getting the budget you need for future marketing initiatives. Raw data is easy to come by, but it's not always easy to find metrics that will tell the right story. 

Our library of webinars, white papers, and other resources will help you measure better and smarter, so you and your content can be more effective.

Marketing Metrics and Analytics Resources

Webinar Replay

Learn which website metrics marketers need to track in Google Analytics, and how to use data to understand visitor behavior.

Content Marketing Benchmarks Report

Which metrics should matter most to marketers? The number of visitors is not enough. Learn how to measure site effectiveness.

Webinar Replay

Learn how to use Google Analytics and eye tracking to understand visitor behavior and design for your KPIs.