Webinar Wrap Up: EDU Web Strategy Top Pains

We Can Help with Your EDU Web Strategy Pain Points

Percussion recently hosted a roundtable discussion with two prominent schools titled Web and Content Strategy in EDU. The discussion focused on how Lancaster Bible College and Georgia Southwestern State University were addressing key web strategy issues and provided a look ahead to some of the new technologies on the horizon.

Both Vince Johnson, Associate Vice President of Information Technology for Lancaster Bible College and Stephen Snyder, Director of University Relations for Georgia Southwestern State University engaged the audience for a full hour describing why they set about to address their web content marketing initiatives, and how they went about reaching their objectives.

As part of the registration process, we asked attendees what issues they were grappling with and we distilled these pains into the following four areas:
  1. Keeping up with the “web rate of change"
  2. Short staff, short budget, demonstrating value
  3. Using the Web to attract students
  4. Technology and process roadblocks

Download our wrap up document for effective ways to solve these common pain points.

Download our wrap up document