Engaging Prospective Students on the Web

Millennials don't remember daily life without the web. When they have a question, they don't have to ask a person for the answer. They ask Google or Siri. They are digital natives. They are mobile users. And they expect you to meet them where they are. Because most of their college research now also happens online, you need a way to connect with prospective students and their parents early and across multiple devices. Interactive content, maps, and videos are some of the ways top brands have been engaging Millennials. Help them choose the right college, your college, by speaking their language.

Watch Rebecca Marani of Boston Interactive and Brett Truka of CampusBird discuss tips to help your institution digitally engage students. They will cover engagement techniques and trends to consider:

  • Mobile
  • Strong calls to action
  • Social integration
  • User-centered design
  • Interactive Campus Maps