The Paradox of Blogging and Content Marketing Survey

We Found That 80% of You Are Not Blogging

No matter what the hot new marketing thing ultimately becomes, the role of the content in your content marketing strategy is indisputable. And blogs must remain a critical component of how you tell your story to the market.

Then why are 80% of you not blogging?

In fact, we argue that it is next to impossible to execute a well-structured web content marketing strategy without having at least one blog. And yet, we keep running into companies who do not have one.

Percussion conducted research to focus on the rise of content marketing discipline and the current use of blogging as an engagement platform. What we found is that despite the hype, people aren't actually blogging.

This paper provides the statistics from our research and includes an actionable "Do now" plan to help you get started with your blog today! 

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