[Webinar Replay] Using Video Analytics to Measure Effectiveness and Set Metrics for Success

Video is the fastest growing form of web content, and by far the most popular on mobile devices. How do you know if your video content is helping your marketing efforts?Marketers want to do more with video, but when you have limited resources to invest, you want to maximize impact.

In our webinar with video marketing experts from Wistia, we explored how to track and interpret video metrics so you can make the most of your video content. We discussed:

  • Which video metrics correspond to which marketing goals
  • How to measure quality, relevance, and clarity
  • What makes your video content trustworthy and shareable

With explosive growth in video content, there’s endless potential to build trust, engage your audience, and make conversions. Learn how to use viewer metrics to understand your audience and create content that keeps them coming back.