With over 300 websites to manage, the Norfolk State University web team needed a robust but easy to use content management system. Read the case study. 

Norfolk State University

As the number of NSU campus and community websites grew from 8 to several hundred, the web team needed a better way to manage the sites and keep content contributors engaged.

Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University (NSU) could manage its web presence with a small web team and subcontractors when there were only eight websites to manage. As student demands accelerated, that number grew to over 200 sites and the University needed a way to give access to users who wanted to update content but were intimidated by the need to code HTML by hand.

Even worse, while users without technical skills would abandon their websites after a while, those with web programming knowledge could circumvent the preferred protocols and manage their sites without regard for institutional branding standards or business objectives.

Because websites were so difficult to update, their content was frequently outdated and incorrect, or not available at all. NSU’s web team received at least 100 emails and phone calls each week from students looking for information about academic programs, financial aid, admissions, or how to contact faculty. Something had to change, and fast.

Most of the CMS products reviewed by NSU promised user-friendliness, but after sitting through demo after demo, all of them fell short. While many delivered exciting features, they lacked solid out of the box functionality and a simple experience for the novice, non-technical user. That is, until they saw Percussion.

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