Lancaster Bible College

With Percussion CMS, Lancaster Bible College gains control of their website content—delivering fresh, relevant and interactive content through multiple channels

Lancaster Bible College (LBC), founded in 1933 and located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is one of the leading Bible colleges in the United States. Named a “Best Northeastern College” by The Princeton Review, the college attracts students from over 32 states and 14 countries. Students can choose from 26 undergraduate and graduate majors including Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Education, Communications, and Social work.

With a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, active sports and arts programs, community outreach and ministry work, the school offers a unique environment for students seeking a faith-based college experience. According to The Princeton Review, the college stands out for “the student body’s almost unanimous appreciation of the faculty and administration” and “going the extra mile” for students.

LBC was investing more time and resources supporting their custom WCM solution than creating and publishing compelling content. Vincent Johnson: “To remain competitive and ensure that prospective students are attracted to our school, it’s crucial for LBC’s content owners to have control over the delivery of fresh, timely, and interactive content that is accessible in various web channels to fully engage our visitors.”

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