City of Lenexa

Named the “Digital Capital of Kansas,” Lenexa balances a small town feel with big city access while maintaining dynamic online offerings for residents and commuters.

City of Lenexa Website

With daytime commuters doubling Lenexa’s base population of 46,000 residents, the Kansas City suburb strives to support all of its constituents with an informative, current website and broad online offerings. Its many events and cultural programming also earned Lenexa the nickname “City of Festivals,” and raising awareness about these opportunities is a crucial goal for its online presence.

From alerts about road conditions, to construction notices, to license renewals, the city government wants to offer as many municipal services online as possible. Newsletters and social media are two other channels heavily used by commuter and resident populations to stay up to date on Lenexa news.

Lenexa considered several popular development platforms for a new CMS, but often found flexibility paired with added complexity, a lack of critical features, or required customized development for any changes, with no user access to the site code. Percussion appealed to the city's web manager because it offered complete control over design, templates, and all code. Built-in widgets and tools delivered much-needed features like calendars and blogging without requiring customization. The users also loved the bulk uploader, dashboard visual interface, and rapid publishing. However, it was the intuitive in-context editing of content and templates that really won their confidence. The 90 day Coach-to-Live program helped get users comfortable in Percussion CMS while building up enthusiasm for everything it could do.

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