How to Make a Winning Web Content Management Business Case

Building a Business Case for Investing in Your Web Content Strategy, Whether through Technology, Additional People, or New Processes Will Require That You Justify to Your Executives That the Investment Will Pay Dividends

Use the following paper, and the four models that are presented here, as a framework to help guide your own investment justification process.

Four models for justifying your investment request:

  1. Connect web content management strategy to business or unit objectives
  2. Measure costs of today’s operations and show cost reductions
  3. Calculate the value of expanding the web opportunity
  4. Net Present Value, ROI, and years to payback modeling

In the following paper we provide you with an outline for how to calculate each of these areas and apply them to your business. We are confident that applying even one of these models in your investment request will show that you have thought through your request in the context of the business and will speed up your approval cycle.

And the faster you are approved, the faster you can drive more value from your web strategy.

Download the white paper