RFP Template: Web Content Management System

The process of selecting a Web Content Management system can seem daunting. There are many, many vendors in the market, and trying to determine which one is best for your business is not an easy task.  We designed this document to make the process easier. Therefore, we'd love to help you as you begin your search for a system that best fits your needs.

This request for proposal (RFP) Is Broken into Two Sections
  • Section One focuses on your internal preparation as you move toward the first phase of vendor selection. It focuses on documenting business and operational goals. 
  • Section Two includes the questionnaire that will be distributed to vendors—the RFP itself.

By identifying your key requirements and wishes, we'll help you find the best web content management system for your organization. Please feel free to download, use, or modify this request for proposal (RFP) as you see fit. 

We encourage you to make the request for proposal (RFP) process as interactive as possible. In our experience, the RFP process can help create a true sense of partnership between you and the chosen vendor.

The more open and engaging you are about your business goals and success metrics, the more accurate the vendor responses.

Please reach out to us directly with further questions as you go through your request for proposal (RFP), we would be happy to assist you.

Download our RFP template