Selecting a web content management system can be a simple and productive process if the committee includes the right people. Learn more in this white paper.

Building the Right Website Content Management (WCM) Selection Committee

build a good selection committee

Investing in your web content management tool is a strategic decision. The right tool will enhance the writing process, improve mobile responsiveness and provide a flexible foundation upon which to grow. The wrong decision will derail your ability to meet website conversion goals.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Who should and should not be on the selection committee for a CMS
  • The top three mistakes made during CMS selection
  • The ideal timeline for the selection process
  • How to keep your committee aligned 

Selecting the right CMS solution to build your content foundation is no easy task. With a little help from your committee members, you can make an informed, lasting decision that will return dividends.

Download the white paper