Live in Five: Changing the definition of going live to drive faster results

About 75% of the Marketing professionals we speak to are somewhat to extremely dissatisfied with their websites, but feel stuck due to the traditional high cost associated with implementing or migrating to a WCM. With LiveFirst, Percussion set out on the quest to remove this barrier.

The biggest challenge of moving to a new CMS is that you are forced to rebuild your site from scratch. Even if there are things you are happy with in your current website, such as your calls to action, or things that you’d prefer to leave alone, such as your old press releases, changing your CMS means needing to handle these as part of a new WCM implementation. With LiveFirst you don’t have to start over.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • How a Percussion Customer went live in five days with LiveFirst
  • Examples of things LiveFirst allows you to do after you go live on Percussion CMS
  • And how LiveFirst works