Integrating Percussion CMS with Web Applications

Removing the Dependency between Marketing Content and Application Code

Most web content management (WCM) systems are general purpose web application frameworks on which the entire web presence is built. When integration is required, web developers are used to combining code and content together in one application framework.

With Percussion CMS, instead of changing or porting your web applications to run inside the new framework provided by the WCM, web developers simply “mashup” any new or existing web applications with the sites and pages created by Percussion CMS to achieve the same mix of dynamic code with creative content.

Separating code from content is the only way to deliver the independence needed to support both the web content marketing goal of getting found, and the web application goal of converting site visitors.

This paper outlines how to integrate Percussion CMS with web applications using mashable and hybrid server side mashable integration. 

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