Page Optimizer

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SEO for Every Content Contributor

Website traffic from organic search outperforms all other traffic sources in volume and conversions because of the trust web users place in search engines’ ability to deliver results that are high quality and highly relevant. Ensuring your content ranks well in search is critical to a thriving business website.

The challenge most organizations face is finding the resources that are able to both create compelling content, but also write it in a search engine friendly way. Percussion’s Page Optimizer brings the ability to improve SEO to every Percussion CMS user.

What Page Optimizer Does

Page Optimizer provides a snapshot of a page’s status, last publish and edit date, and opportunities for SEO improvements. By scanning page content for SEO errors, Page Optimizer gives content contributors page-specific alerts and recommendations for improvements, also telling them where those improvements can be made.

The immediate feedback not only ensures high quality, search-friendly content is being created—it also promotes and reinforces best practices with your contributors each time they work on page content.

Prevent SEO Problems Before Publishing

Page Optimizer highlights the problems that you need to correct on the page and provides specific instructions on how to correct those issues. 

Make Optimization Part of Your Editorial Workflow

Once the content author has made the desired changes to the page, he or she can submit it through an approval workflow so that those responsible for overall content quality can review the content. Page Optimizer can be used during the approval process as well to serve as an auditing tool before publish.