Marketers can control the design of their website layouts, templates & pages without learning how to code. Percussion CMS makes web design easy. Learn more.

Easy Web Design

Easy Web Design Screenshot

Percussion CMS makes it easy for marketers and content contributors without technical skills to manage the design of their website. For a web designer with HTML and CSS skills, it’s easy to edit styles, templates, and pages, and modify elements with just front-end coding skills. There’s no proprietary code in the way, and your web designer has full access to your website’s files. You won’t have to go through a developer to change the color of a button ever again.

Easy Template Building and Editing

Creating and updating templates is easy in Percussion CMS. Elements such as text boxes, images, and navigation can be dragged and dropped into place, and resized with the click of a mouse. Our software updates the code behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Our website migration tool LiveFirst makes it easy to move your design into Percussion CMS so you can convert it into templates, or you can build something new on pre-built templates that come standard with your license. Mobile-friendly responsive templates are also available if you want to optimize your website for mobile devices without doing a complete redesign.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Templates 

Creating a mobile-friendly website is critical for most businesses, but a mobile redesign is often a complex and expensive process. Percussion CMS includes the Zurb Foundation framework and pre-built responsive templates that are designed to adapt to any device. You can migrate your page designs and content to these templates to dramatically simplify the process of optimizing your website for mobile devices. 

Widget Builder

Providing the most popular site components out of the box makes Percussion CMS truly different. When a customer is looking for something we haven’t built yet, our Widget Builder tool allows customers to use the same framework used by our regular widgets and add completely new site features with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many of the custom widgets we’ve seen customers build utilize free and open source code that requires only a few edits and minimal coding skills.

Easy Access to Files

For marketers who are more comfortable with web development, or just love to dive into code, the website theme files are easily accessible, and you can view and edit your CSS and scripts. You won’t have to learn anything new, and you will always have full control to make changes whenever you want.

Contact us to learn more about Percussion’s WCM system and easy to use web design templates.