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Easy SEO and ROI

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Content marketing is a powerful technique that has enabled organizations and businesses of all sizes and in all industries to grow business through their websites. One of the requirements of a successful content strategy is the ability to set goals and measure outcomes. Percussion CMS has built-in tools to show you which content is working, what can be improved, and how to do it. 

Page Optimizer

Page Optimizer provides a snapshot of a page’s status, last publish and edit date, and opportunities for SEO improvements. By scanning page content for SEO errors, Page Optimizer gives content contributors page-specific alerts and recommendations for improvements, also telling them where those improvements can be made. learn more about our Page Optimizer tool here.


The Percussion CMS Dashboard allows marketers and websites managers to easily view site performance, visitor activity, content updates, and potential problems. You can finally correlate frequency of updates and publishing to increased website traffic and engagement, spot potential SEO problems before going live, and see exactly where your content can be improved.

Google Analytics Integration

You can connect your Google Analytics account or accounts to your website easily, without wondering where to paste their code snippet. Percussion CMS allows you to log in and connect your account from our dashboard, and automatically pulls in overall traffic data so you can view site activity at a glance.

Structured URLs

Percussion generates permanent URLs based on your page names, which means they’re easy to read, good for SEO, and will always work. There are no cryptic page names or addresses comprised of number strings and random characters.

SEO Audit

Some of your content contributors won’t have experience creating SEO-friendly page content. Our built-in SEO audit tool will catch issues like duplicate titles, poor meta descriptions, and meta information that is too long to display properly in Google search results. Our SEO gadget will alert editors and administrators to ensure pages information can be updated before it’s published.

Managed Links

Someone moves a page on your website and now you have dozens of broken links leading to a URL that no longer works. That won’t happen in Percussion CMS. We keep track of all page and file locations dynamically, so when a page is moved or renamed, all references are automatically updated so your links to it never break.

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