Whatever you use for marketing automation, email, A/B testing, or personalization, it will work with Percussion CMS–it plays well with others. Learn more.

Easy Integration

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Content management is the foundation of content marketing, and as a foundational element, it should work well with every other marketing technology your team uses. Whatever system you want to implement or already use, Percussion CMS allows easy integration of third-party code to help make your website a more effective element in your marketing efforts. 

Marketing Automation

Whether you use Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, or other platforms for your marketing automation, Percussion CMS makes it easy to embed code snippets in dedicated fields without disturbing any other code or content. You can add forms, track button clicks, and build in your campaigns without adding complexity to the process.


Providing personalized content to the right visitor in real-time can give your website a great competitive advantage. Percussion integrates with real-time personalization platforms, and has a partnership with Evergage, a leader in the personalization industry. Our products work seamlessly together to make it easier than ever for marketers to quickly launch personalized campaigns to engage every visitor with more targeted content and experiences. 

A/B Testing

Percussion CMS makes it easy to create multiple versions of a page or layout to test for effectiveness, and also integrates easily with testing platforms like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer for more advanced A/B and multivariate testing.

Content Compliance Audit Tools 

For compliance and audit-heavy industries such as government, financial services, and higher education, Percussion offers versioning and commenting options to ensure that all changes are captured and justified as part of the workflow. Through a partnership with HiSoftware, we also offer tight integration with compliance software that scans your website for potential issues and flags them for repair.

Web Performance Optimization

Everything your website does requires lines of code, and the amount of code can affect loading times. When visitor patience is measured in milliseconds and your content needs to look great on mobile, you can use third-party tools like Yottaa to improve your website’s performance to ensure your content reaches your audience fast. Percussion CMS is built to allow you to leverage third-party technologies to select the solution you prefer for scaling your website’s performance.

Video Hosting 

Video is the fastest growing type of web content, especially on mobile, and should be part of any content marketer’s arsenal. Whether you host your business videos on Wistia, Brightcove, Vimeo, or YouTube, Percussion CMS will allow you to easily embed your content and save it as a reusable asset that can appear in multiple locations on your website without having to re-paste the embed code repeatedly.

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