Percussion Redirect Manager for Amazon S3 Web Sites

Managing Redirects with Amazon S3 Websites can be hard and overly complicated.

Percussion Redirect Manager simplifies the process.  Providing an easy to use interface that is designed to enable Marketing professionals to create and manage Vanity URL's and Redirects on their S3 hosted websites, without having to engage a Programmer or System Administrator in the process.  

Developed for Percussion CM1 Cloud customers, the Redirect Manager has been released in public Beta for use with any Amazon S3 Web Site. 

Percussion Redirect Manager provides owners of Amazon S3 Web Sites with the ability to manage how site visitors will be rerouted in the event that they attempt to access a page that has been renamed, moved, or archived.   

Percussion Redirect Manager for Amazon S3 Web Sites

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of Redirect Rules
  • Unlimited number of Redirects
  • Easy to use browser based interface
  • Support for Vanity URL's
  • Support for Wild Card Patterns
  • Redirect to any URL internal / external
  • Improve SEO by ensuring that content is found when moved
  • Centralized browser based redirect management
  • Bulk Export and Import using a standard CSV file format
  • Robots.txt upload support
  • Site Map upload support
  • Multi-Site Support