North Florida Community College

North Florida Community CollegeA few years ago we began searching for a new Content Management System for our website. After many walk-throughs and demos, we chose Percussion. Percussion is a great fit for our team because of the ease of use and technical support. We love the variety of features and the flexibility that percussion offers. They have an amazing help desk and Percussion "Community" that is ever-ready and quick to provide helpful information, connections and feedback.

Percussion helped us modernize our website and improve functionality and navigation on our home page. Accessibility and ADA compliance was another major focus of our website redesign. Percussion understands current website accessibility standards and has helped us implement such standards site-wide. They also improved the look and navigation of our site on mobile devices which is essential in communicating effectively in today's world.

When we switched over to Percussion a few years ago, our greatest asset was the Percussion team. They have fantastic support. We also found that Percussion stays on schedule and works extremely fast, but still provides the highest quality of service and results. We love the fast and efficient service Percussion provides.

We have a modern and sleeker look to our website that performs well on desktop and mobile devices. Throughout the process, Percussion also made suggestions that kept our website ADA compliant and up-to-date. Overall our navigation has improved and it is very easy to find your way around our home page. Since the launch we have received many positive comments on how easy it is to navigate our refreshed site.

Working with Percussion was successful because they made a big project seem obtainable. Support was an email away. They kept us in the loop with scheduled weekly meetings and they kept us on track with project deadlines. I would not hesitate to use Percussion again in the future and would highly recommend them to others looking for a CMS or website redesign. Like most businesses and colleges, our website is one of our most important advertising tools. With Percussion's help, our website home page now better communicates our unique story and offers visitors easy navigation with a more modern vibe.