City of Utica, NY

City of Utica, NY"After finally realizing the City of Utica web site was outdated and dysfunctional, the City of Utica became firmly committed to developing a new city web site in late 2012. As you can imagine being the director of I.T. for the City of Utica, I receive many sales calls in any given week. On such call was from Percussion Software...of which I had ever heard about. At the time I was researching many city web sites for style, function, basic design, and the software they used to create and manage their sites. Honestly, I did not pay much attention to Percussion at the time because we were too early in the process to even consider a software product. Just for reference, the City of Utica does not have a “Webmaster” or a design team, or a technically savvy user base to draw talent from. I realized early on that the design was an important piece of the overall project, however, ease of use after the design was for us the more important component.

As my search of city web sites progressed, a list was developed with key features that we felt were important. Above all else for our design, we wanted a clean, modern site that would be easy to navigate and easy to maintain. As we became more committed to the project I began searching for the software that would satisfy our needs. We were approached by web design and hosting companies, presented with opinions on using Wordpad, Drupal, Jumla, Deramweaver, Weebley, and a host of other products. I remembered [Percussion] and called them to explore Percussion more deeply. The more I looked at available products, the more I was drawn to Percussion CM1. I arranged for a demo of CM1 and became convinced that this was a product that would meet all of our needs. I asked for a second demonstration for various members of city government, including council members, budget director, and others. Each and every one was impressed with product and the decision was made to purchase CM1.

Because we had no professional web developers on staff we realized that the best thing to do was re-create the existing City of Utica web site in CM1 using the Coach To Live process. Yes, it still would be the ugly old city site, but users would be able to navigate and we would be able to add content reliably and easily and gain valuable insight and experience using the CM1 product.

We turned to Percussion for a solution to our design problems. The Percussion team came through with everything we needed to accomplish our goals. Concepts turned into wireframes, wireframes turned into templates, the entire site was re-designed, streamlined, and was turning into something we could be proud of. The constant support of Casey, Nate, and the rest of the Percussion team was simply amazing. I really feel that we were a team in this endeavor and far beyond a customer interacting with technical support.

Our goal was to create a new, fresh, easily navigated City of Utica web site that would be a strong foundation to further build upon. I think we have accomplished this goal and have easily exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working with Percussion to further develop and manage our web site in the coming budget year and beyond.

What I can truthfully say is, Thank You for a great product, great support, and a great experience. I would highly recommend the Percussion CM1 product and more importantly, the Percussion team behind the product."