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Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University

"As we planned to move to a new site, we identified content that needed to be served on multiple locations on our website. Percussion presented the ideal solution to address this need.

In addition to serving content in multiple locations, there is great flexibility with CM1. We did not want to be trapped in a cookie-cutter system. It was important for us to select a system that has the capability to grow and change to keep up with the university's ever-changing agendas and priorities. Also, ease of migration of content from our old site/CMS to the new site/CM1 was a huge benefit leading into our web project.

We have successfully shared content on multiple pages and even shared content in other channels such as our mobile app and campus intranet. This is a significant improvement because we are able to reduce staff time and extend the reach of our content.

The ease of creating, deploying and modifying a section has been a benefit to productivity. We are able to prototype and present new ideas and then tweak and implement in a timely manner. All of this while utilizing resources more effectively.

It's very easy to adjust an existing template for the needs of new sections or pages. Widgets are easily deployed and changed across our various templates. This allows for agility for the ever-changing needs of our site.

There was a transparent and smooth hand-off from the sales team to the implementation team. The implementation team fulfilled and exceeded expectations set by the sales team. Percussion staff led us through installation, migration and installation of a new design while easing the anxiety of our team and leadership. They are experts with the product, web trends and web technologies. Our points of contact have always been patient and focused on providing solutions or recommendations to our challenges. We view Percussion as a strategic partner in our recruitment marketing efforts instead of just another vendor."

City of Utica, NY

"After finally realizing the City of Utica web site was outdated and dysfunctional, the City of Utica became firmly committed to developing a new city web site in late 2012. As you can imagine being the director of I.T. for the City of Utica, I receive many sales calls in any given week. On such call was from Percussion Software...of which I had ever heard about. At the time I was researching many city web sites for style, function, basic design, and the software they used to create and manage their sites. Honestly, I did not pay much attention to Percussion at the time because we were too early in the process to even consider a software product. Just for reference, the City of Utica does not have a “Webmaster” or a design team, or a technically savvy user base to draw talent from. I realized early on that the design was an important piece of the overall project, however, ease of use after the design was for us the more important component.

As my search of city web sites progressed, a list was developed with key features that we felt were important. Above all else for our design, we wanted a clean, modern site that would be easy to navigate and easy to maintain. As we became more committed to the project I began searching for the software that would satisfy our needs. We were approached by web design and hosting companies, presented with opinions on using Wordpad, Drupal, Jumla, Deramweaver, Weebley, and a host of other products. I remembered [Percussion] and called them to explore Percussion more deeply. The more I looked at available products, the more I was drawn to Percussion CM1. I arranged for a demo of CM1 and became convinced that this was a product that would meet all of our needs. I asked for a second demonstration for various members of city government, including council members, budget director, and others. Each and every one was impressed with product and the decision was made to purchase CM1.

Because we had no professional web developers on staff we realized that the best thing to do was re-create the existing City of Utica web site in CM1 using the Coach To Live process. Yes, it still would be the ugly old city site, but users would be able to navigate and we would be able to add content reliably and easily and gain valuable insight and experience using the CM1 product.

We turned to Percussion for a solution to our design problems. The Percussion team came through with everything we needed to accomplish our goals. Concepts turned into wireframes, wireframes turned into templates, the entire site was re-designed, streamlined, and was turning into something we could be proud of. The constant support of Casey, Nate, and the rest of the Percussion team was simply amazing. I really feel that we were a team in this endeavor and far beyond a customer interacting with technical support.

Our goal was to create a new, fresh, easily navigated City of Utica web site that would be a strong foundation to further build upon. I think we have accomplished this goal and have easily exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to working with Percussion to further develop and manage our web site in the coming budget year and beyond.

What I can truthfully say is, Thank You for a great product, great support, and a great experience. I would highly recommend the Percussion CM1 product and more importantly, the Percussion team behind the product."

City of Utica

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College

"We had been using a different CMS product for nearly 10 years when we decided that it was just too difficult to train end users on, was slow, and a bit antiquated for our current and future needs. After many demos of CMS products, we chose Percussion because of the ease of use, the range of features, and because we would have a coach throughout our redesign process. We also chose Percussion because their team was down to earth and seemed genuinely interested in our success.

The Coach to Live program was awesome. We were trained on the product and had someone we could go to with any problems we had along the way. In fact, we chose to continue with development services after our initial Coach to Live program had ended. The service we received was priceless, as we did not have a true full-time web developer. We could not have been happier with the final redesign.

Our site is modern, responsive, and our bounce rate has significantly improved since launching. We could not have done it without the Percussion team behind our team, helping every step of the way.

When we have run into speed bumps as we have gone forward, the customer service has been better than I could’ve imagined coming from a CMS company. Technical support has helped us quickly to remedy any issue we have had. We are happy to be Percussion customers!"

Eastfield College

"When I became the Website Coordinator for Eastfield we did not have a content management system and were trying to teach Dreamweaver to stakeholders who wanted to update their websites. The President also informed me that much of the information was out of date and that Google searches often showed information that was supposedly removed from the site. I knew immediately that a CMS had to be implemented quickly to reign in rogue files as well as giving stakeholders the ability to make minor updates easily and quickly.

Selecting Percussion as our CMS gave us the ability to quickly import our current site into a CMS and Percussion’s ease of use led to many contributors being added to the site. Once implemented 1,000’s of updates were made to the site and out of date files removed within months. Shortly after that new templates were easily made and the site was converted to a responsive design. We are currently reworking the site tree and refreshing all content on the site.

The Percussion support and design teams have taught us much and we would not have been so nimble without their guidance. Percussion’s ease of use and talented staff have helped us succeed in creating a modern website that is responsive, SEO friendly, ADA compliant and constantly being refreshed."