First pass of the Rhythmyx Fusion UI Wireframes!

Fri May 6, 2016

The design of the new user interface is a clean and simple approach with minimal 'flashiness' or over-the-top animations.  The goal is to reduce the use modal dialogs, user clicks, and improve overall user experience.

For now the focus will be on the Java Applets, which include:

  • Content Management
  • Content Explorer Help
  • Impact Analysis

These need to be converted as browsers are phasing out support of Java Applets.  Eventually the other screens will be included in this redesign, as a result, the interface will need to keep in mind the other Rhythmyx components such as Enterprise Active Assembly.

Please Note: Not all options and fields are represented on the screens below.  The mockups are simply to give an 'approximation' of the new user experience.

The Login Dialog

The login screen which (optionally) will allow for community selection and a "Remember me" functionality, which will use the browser's built in storage to remember the user's login.

First pass of the new Login Dialog

The Main UI Shell

The new, fully responsive, main shell which will house the Rhythmyx screens.

First pass of the Main UI Shell

The Content Management Screen

The new Content Management interface will have a Folder/File browser similar to Windows Explorer interface.  It will use a an accordion type menu to switch between sections.  And a tree structure (see alternate experience below) for navigating folders.

First pass of the new Content Management screen

Alternate Folder Browser

Instead of a tree structure, this will put the currently selected Site/Folder in view.  Animation will slide from right to left on click of a Site/Folder if a sub level exists.  A back button will allow for returning to the previous level.

First pass of the new Site/Folder browser

The Advanced Search Screen

The Advanced Search will now appear in the main work area instead of opening in a modal dialog.  Search results will replace the Advanced Search screen.  You can return to the Advanced Search by clicking the Advanced Search button again, or "New Search" from the accordion menu on the left. 

First pass of the new Advanced Search screen

The Impact Analysis Screen

The Impact Analysis will now appear in the main work area instead of opening in a modal dialog.  It will use a tree-table to display the hierarchy along with each item's information instead of a running list.

First pass of the new Impact Analysis screen

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