Engineering Progress Report - March 2016

Thu Mar 31, 2016

In an effort to be more transparent about our Engineering process and progress against planned features, each week Percussion's Engineering team will post progress on our various projects. 


  • We are wrapping up a Patch for 7.3 and 7.3.1 planned to ship Friday.  The Applet has been tested with the latest Java 1.8 update.  The other fixes in this Patch are below.
    • Upgraded to TinyMCE version 4.3.8 (see here for the Change Log- from version 4.0.16
    • Fixed issue where Taxonomy field was not loading in IE11.
    • Fixed issue with TinyMCE noneditable plugin for inline content.
    • Fixed issue where Inline Template in TinyMCE does not delete. This was related to the noneditable plugin of TinyMCE, which is now fixed and working.
    • Removed help applet from Revision Compare Tool. The Revision Compare tool had a legacy Applet left over that was used for displaying help. This has been replaced with plain links to the online help.
    • Fixed issue where TinyMCE adds an unexpected space when inserting links.
    • (CVE 2015-7501) Updated to Commons Collections 3.2.2. Fixed issue related to a vulnerability in the Apache Commons Collection library used and shipped with the product. This library has been removed and upgraded to the patched version of Commons Collections in this patch.

7.3.1 Release

Issues currently under investigation work for a patch:

  • Oracle 12c - installation / upgrade issues
  • JSP Compilation errors on certain pages after Java 1.8 upgrade

Desktop Content Explorer

  • This weeks focus has been on the Impact Analysis Applet.   This applet is launched from the Content Explorer applet and needs to be converted to run in a Swing frame.  
  • The Font Option in the Options dialog has been restored - this fix didn't make the cut for this weeks patch.

Updated Screenshots

Screen shot of Content Explorer login showing Server, Port, User Name, and Password fields

Desktop Content Explorer

Screenshot of the Content Explorer Options with Font option

Screenshot of the Desktop Content Explorer Preview

JBOSS Replacement

  • This weeks focus has been on updating the core system classes to read the new Jetty 1.9 configuration files for properties like the TCP/IP address of the server, various ports etc. 
    • Support for the Microsoft SQL Server driver has been added
    • HikariCP has been selected as the database connection pool - we can't wait to benchmark & test this over the coming weeks - early tests look really good - and robust with network drop handling etc.
    • Active MQ has been swapped in as a replacement for JBOSS JMS.
    • The primary layout at deployment has been determined 

Updated Screenshots

Screenshot of Rhythmyx Starting up with Jetty 1.9


  • Continued work on Canonical Link generation and folder linking for SEO
  • Triage and fix bugs stemming from the 5.3 release
  • Patch generated for a multi-site publishing performance issue - continued troubleshooting in this area. This was a regression introduced with performance enhancements to publishing in the 5.2 release.
  • Fix bugs for an updated SDK kit. 
  • Planning a 5.3 SR1 with canonical links and any other 5.3 defects corrected before we start 5.4


  • Continued work on UI mapping
  • Angular lead started work on primary framework and build system
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