Progress Report - Week Ending 4-8-2016

Fri Apr 8, 2016


  • Fixed bug in 7.3.1 where certain JSP pages would not compile - flagged for next patch
  • Work on removal of certain JBOSS files via patch
  • Impact analysis working for the Desktop Content Explorer.
  • Fixed bug where 7.3.1 install not including the latest Oracle drivers. 
  • Continued work on Jetty JNDI datasources

Desktop Content Explorer - Impact  Analysis


  • Started last sprint for 5.3 service release 1
  • Local Language Override Community widget for hreflang / international SEO on Pages.
  • Fix bug in site impact related to Assets
  • Improving performance and cleanup of temporary files from publishing.
  • Work on Canonical Links - Site Configuration completed
  • Fix to filtering / sorting in the Publishing Log
  • Refresh of 5.3 release kit on 4/7/16 - Fixed @17 issues. 

Publishing Filtering

Canonical Links

CM1 SaaS

  • Preparation for the 5.3 upgrades
    • Working out the new devops flow around Docker and proper tagging,
    • Release line automatically triggers building a new tagged image
    • Image is tagged *automatically*
    • Tagged images are made available on the main release orchestration server.
    • Staging is automatically updated to most recent release

SaaS Upgrade Redesign

Fusion UI

  • Started the Fusion UI project, Mavenized, Angular, Servlet Spec 3.0.
  • Completed the “themer” directive that allows for custom UI theme support and features like “high contrast accessibility” mode
  • Spec'd out WCAG 2.0 Aria support, and Angular version strategy
  • Working on dependency updates and getting UI unit tests working 
  • Selected primary Bootstrap 3 theme.

Some very early screen shots:

Responsive layout

Very Early Fusion UI Theme

Starter Theme

Fusion Theme


  • Add new feature in Notrix to search for Job Logs by Process ID.
  • Enhanced the Notrix direct driver for Oracle so that it is easier to review the information displayed for errors.

Screenshot of Notrix Search for Job Log

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