I’m excited to announce my new role as CEO of Percussion Software.

Percussion Leadership News - Mike Alden named CEO

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Mike Alden - CEOI'm excited to announce my new role as CEO of Percussion Software. Each and every day I am inspired by our exceptional team, our  dynamic customers, and the many opportunities that lay in front of us.  I am fortunate to be building on a solid business foundation.  Percussion has a rich history of innovation that spans several decades and multiple product families.  In addition, Percussion has spun-out new companies who have become market leaders in their own right. Many Percussion alumni hold key leadership positions in other successful technology companies. The past 20+ years have been an incredible journey.   So, what's next?

2016 is an important year for Percussion.  We are laser-focused on our customers and ensuring that they are successful with Percussion. We are reaching out for feedback as well as measuring our NPS and tNPS scores daily.  Change is underway in our engineering and product management groups to increase transparency and ownership. Our CM1 SaaS offering is taking off due to the unique combination of high performance, security, and mobile responsiveness, all  for a low monthly subscription cost.  The Percussion product roadmap is delivering a mix of customer requests, competitive improvements, and strategic goals. Our PSO team is adding talent across design and implementation to expand our offerings for new and existing customers. We've added new sales leadership and are targeting specific verticals where we have unique competitive advantages.  

In short, Percussion has the legacy, the team, and the desire to win in this market.  Keep an eye on this blog for more announcements and to watch our progress.  I would love any feedback on how we can improve Percussion.  Please email me at mike_alden@percussion.com with any ideas, comments, or questions.  

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Mike Alden