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Thu Apr 5, 2018

We’re in the business of herding cats. We manage multiple projects at once - each with different timelines, milestones, and deliverables.  Often times each project presents itself with a new mountain to climb. Your project may involve multiple stakeholders, each with a different level of interest in the project - timelines will change and employees may come and go. With all of these moving parts, project management becomes increasingly important within your organization. Implementing systems for getting work done and communicating to your clients should be top of mind. Having projects stored in multiple locations and in different formats will hinder your team’s success. Collaboration tools will help to streamline the processes both internally for your team, and also for your clients. The list of benefits from using a collaborative tool are infinite, however, here are three reasons why collaboration tools are a must have in any organization.

Standard Processes: As a company grows and employees are on-boarded, a collaboration tool creates a template, or “jumping off” point to get them going quicker. All past and current project documents, timelines and data are stored in the tool should the new (or existing) team member need to reference past projects. Use the tool as a one-stop shop for all information on your projects - the team will work more efficiently this way.

Visibility: Using a collaborative tool allows your internal team members to communicate openly and often about project timelines, tasks, and priorities. Here, they can hold each other accountable for their work while moving closer to project completion. Inviting clients to the project will allow clients to see the project timeline, post questions and communicate openly with your internal team. This will keep clients satisfied and help your project manager keep a close watch on all projects as a whole.

Time Tracking: Many tools also allow your team members to track their time - this feature will help you prioritize tasks more effectively for future (and current) projects. It will also be a huge help in determining how your budgets are tracking. As project managers, we want things done on-time and under budget….we love the time tracking features in the tool, need I say more?

Choose a great tool for your team, choose it wisely, and hopefully you will become an even more efficient cat herder!

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Amy Lessner
Project Manager | Percussion Software

Amy Lessner