The main focus of my job as Customer Success Manager is to make sure that our customers are successful with our products and services.

Customer Success - WOW

Thu Apr 5, 2018


WOW - is the one word that describes my excitement as I get engaged with Percussion customers as the Customer Success Manager here at Percussion. I bring with me 23 years of client service/relationship management skills from the banking industry.

The main focus of my job as Customer Success Manager is to make sure that our customers are successful with our products and services.  When you sit down and think about it, that makes perfect sense.  If Percussion customers are successful with our products, they increase their revenues and business opportunities, and in turn will continue to renew and and purchase more products and services. 

In my previous role as a client service manager, the focus was more reactionary in addressing client issues,  the Customer Success approach that Percussion takes is a much more proactive way of thinking:

  • Proactive customer check ins 
  • Building open relationships 
  • Understanding  what each customer needs to be successful
  • Advocating for customers internally at Percussion 

Our customers are the #1 priority of every talented Percussion team member that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.  Their expertise and knowledge of the products and services that we offer is truly amazing.  The entire team has been kind, welcoming, and patient while I come up to speed in my new role.  The Percussion leadership team is focused on Customer Success, understanding the importance and commitment needed in order to make our customers successful.

What can you expect from me?

First, on the proactive side, you should receive an introductory email from me as your Customer Success Manager.  After we connect, I will work with you and your team to coordinate a regular check in plan (typically quarterly) to see how you are doing with our Products and Services and to capture any specific feature requests or pain points that you may have with Percussion.   

Reactively, I am also your first escalation point for any problems or challenges with any of the Products or Services that we provide to you across the entire customer experience (Product, Sales, Service, Finance, Support).   If you aren't getting what you need from our products or people, please let me know.

You will also see me blogging here from time to time about Customer Success topics. 

My name is Brendan Salter - it is great to meet you!!! Please feel free to call meemail or reach out in any way - I am here for our Customers - and I am here to make them Successful!!!!

Brendan Salter Headshot
Brendan Salter
Customer Success Manager | Percussion Software