What to Expect in the CM1 5.2.5 Release

Thu Apr 5, 2018

The Percussion Engineering team is hard at work on wrapping up the 5.2.5 release so I wanted to give customers a preview of what to expect from this version. 

Security Updates

A primary theme for this release has been Security.  We have fixed several security vulnerabilities in the product and have updated the DTS services to use the latest version of Tomcat 7.  A full list of the vulnerabilities addressed will be included in the release notes 

Widget Builder Update

The Widget Builder now supports the selection of File Assets.  This will allow Custom Widgets to include links to File Asset (such as PDF or other documents) in addition to Image Assets.



Uploading Files and Images

When uploading Files and Images from the Rich text Editor a frequent user complaint is that the Assets always post to the Uploads folder.  This required extra work (and clicks) to move Assets to the desired location. The upload logic has been updated so that Assets will now be posted to the selected Asset folder.  The screenshot below shows an example of this in action while I created this Blog Post.




We've improved the start up time for the server, shaving up to a minute off of the typical server startup time.  There were also enhancements made to the Publishing engine.  A defect was corrected in single Page or Asset publishing that could cause the UI to hang up for several minutes or timeout in some cases.

API Changes

The Asset API has been updated to allow for replacement of binary File or Image assets through the API.  In the previous version,  binary Assets had to be deleted and recreated to update them.  This approach had some limitations, namely that all Managed Links to those Assets would be lost.  The new API method allows for true binary replacement without the need to delete the existing Asset. 

The Swagger API has been updated to reflect the change:



This change will help developer's that are integrating other systems with their CM1 implementation.


With the focus on Security updates in version 5.2.5, we will be recommending that all customers plan an upgrade.  The productivity and performance enhancements will provide end users with some improvements in overall user experience. 

Nate Chadwick
Nate Chadwick
Vice President of Products & Services | Percussion Software