How To Get Product Update Emails

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Are you tired of missing the latest product announcements from your Percussion team?

Missing product announcements can be frustrating, so let me help you avoid any further frustration!

First, scroll down to the very bottom of this page to the footer and click “Email Subscriptions”.


This brings you to our form, where you will need to fill in your contact information and subscription preferences.  

If you would like to receive all product announcements, check all of the boxes. If you prefer to receive announcements for your product only, make sure that product box is the only one checked. 


If you have previously subscribed to our mailing list and unsubscribed to our marketing emails, you will need to re-subscribe to this list.  

This email subscription is strictly for product announcements only.  You will not be spammed with marketing news or any other unwanted emails.

Courtney Wentworth
Courtney Wentworth
Customer Success Manager | Percussion Software