Percussion CEO Mike Alden discusses why chief executives need to give their full support to content marketers, and how you can get it. Watch the video.

[Video Blog] How To Get Your CEO To Approve Your Content Marketing Budget

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Since Percussion's video blog kickoff two months ago, we've been posting about content: the beginning of content, the future of content, building software, launching products, measuring and tracking. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But how do you get a budget with which to execute your content marketing strategy in the first place? Today Percussion's CEO, Mike Alden (@AldenM67), walks you through pitching a perfect content marketing budget proposal.


John Matthews
John Matthews
Video Content Specialist

John studied computer science at Northeastern University before moving to Los Angeles to play drums at Musician's Institute. He joined Percussion's sales team in 2014, and he currently does video production and editing. John is also the drummer in the metal band My Missing Half, and utilizes his percussion expertise both in the office and on stage.