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When Being Relevant Is Just Not Enough: Content Marketing In Staffing

Thu Apr 5, 2018

The way we communicate to our peers, partners and clients is ever evolving, and to stay relevant, you must identify new and innovative ways to position your organization. If you are not ahead of the curve, you run the risk of being left behind. To this end, traditional means of garnering talent through the job boards or cold calling are not as fruitful in connecting with the best and brightest as they once were. To reach the “Purple Squirrels” otherwise known as the top talent, you must find other channels to communicate. Recognizing this, content marketing has become a fundamental way in which Curate establishes meaningful relationships within our partner network.

We utilize content marketing to establish ourselves as Subject Matter Experts. Our consultant partners write articles relevant to their domain expertise, helping clients and candidates that may be lacking in areas where we they do not have knowledge or resources. Providing this sort of information positions us as a leader in our core technologies and drives a greater value proposition to our clients. Think ‘how Big Data might affect future healthcare’ or ‘how Big Data can drive more web e-commerce for your organization’ as examples of the types of blogs our consultants might write. By leveraging the knowledge, experience and insight that our experts possess, our clients can make more informed decisions for their business, thus allowing them to avoid making costly mistakes.

Another way that Curate utilizes content marketing is through Guest Blogs from happy clients. Recently we featured Jeff Gore, CRO at Percussion Software, on our blog as he shared his insight and personal experience on how Percussion is doing their best to hire the Purple Squirrels. Sharing our clients’ experiences and perspectives is not only valuable in showcasing the strong relationships we have with tier one clients, but also provides valuable perspective to our candidates and clients.

Lastly, we feature our top candidates on our blog in another effort to provide meaningful and interesting industry related content to our partner network. Our Purple Squirrel blog profile series highlights some of our top talent by sharing their stories and pertinent job seeking related insight. Every candidate has a story to tell and by sharing this information, we hope to provide additional value to the candidates we choose to represent.

In order to build interest and maintain relationships with top talent, you have to do more than stay in the traditional and comfortable communication channels. Providing relevant and more meaningful communications, reaching them through indirect channels and unexpected media, and sharing quality material is the best way to showcase your specialization and value proposition to the market.

This post originally appeared on the Curate Partners blog.

Dan Foley
Dan Foley
Founder and CEO | Curate Partners

Daniel J. Foley is Founder and CEO of Curate Partners, a Boston-based IT staffing and consulting firm focused on bridging the talent gap in the technology sector with expertise and specialization in Big Data, Cloud, Digital and Web development. From 2009 till 2013, Foley was President of Randstad, US Professionals, leading the organization from $660 million in revenue to over $2.1 billion in just under 5 years, while also serving on the company’s global Advisory Board. In 2011, he was a key architect in the acquisition of the SFN group, a publicly traded US staffing firm, for $771 million. Prior to, he was CEO of Sapphire Technologies from 2002 to 2008, taking the organization from roughly $200 million to almost $800 million in revenue, both through organic growth as well as acquisitions. Foley joined Sapphire Technologies in 1990, when the company had approximately 20 employees and roughly $8 million in annual revenue. Foley is also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, and sits on the Massachusetts Board of the March of Dimes and the Advisory Board for the Home Base program. Foley was awarded the FDR Humanitarian Of the Year Award by the March of Dimes in 2011 for all his charitable work with the organization. Dan is a graduate of Boston College.