How do Percussion coaches differ from standard CMS training staff? They work one-on-one with each customer to offer a personalized experience. Learn more.

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What It's Like to Coach Percussion CM1 Customers

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Percussion’s coaching program is different from the standard one-size-fits-all training model used by most web content management vendors. This personalized approach is about working closely with individual customers and focusing on the specific needs of their website and implementation.

My goal as a coach is to get to know my customers’ needs and really dig in and help out. As a coach, I’m not just going to say “Okay, here’s a link to an article about how to build a great website.” I’m here to SHOW you how to build a great website and how to do it using Percussion CM1. Whether it’s coaching you through using the tool itself, or coaching you through something like how to update a CSS file, we are here to help you feel confident.

“Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.”
— Vince Lombardi

We have a few different coaches that you may interact with here, and we all have different fields of expertise and different projects that we find the most fun. For example, I LOVE helping my customers really dig into the CSS of the site and being able to offer up some suggestions too. Whether it be during a complete website redesign or just a simple design refresh – that is the part that I really enjoy helping out with. When all is said and done though, getting your website live on Percussion CM1 is definitely the best part of my job as a coach. It’s a great feeling to know that, together, we have gotten to the point where you are comfortable making site updates on your own.

I develop great relationships with customers throughout the coaching period as well. I get to know who you and your team are, what your skill level is, and most importantly, I get to learn what you need in your new website.

Maybe your number one goal with the new site is to get your search rankings in check – we would spend some extra time learning about our Page Optimizer tool to do this. Or, maybe your goal is to get a workflow in place to restrict/allow certain users to edit their own pages on your website and distribute that work across your team – we would then spend some extra time setting up custom workflows.

Generally, after talking with you a couple of times I am able to figure out what pieces of our tool are going to be the most beneficial for you and I will automatically make sure to highlight those points during coaching sessions.

Coaching is all about catering to your specific needs and goals, whereas training is more generic with minimal support. When you engage with myself or another coach during a session, you can expect it to be completely hands-on.

We also record all of your sessions so that you can go back at any time and hear the specific questions you asked and see what you did, rather than watching a generic video. The greatest part of coaching versus training is that if any obstacles arise while you are working on your site, you have a coach by your side to help get past it right away.


Casey Aiello
Casey Aiello
Web Consultant and Best Practice Coach | Percussion Software

Along with being a consultant, Casey is also one of our coaches at Percussion. She has a strong background in responsive web design and development. Casey knew that she wanted to work in the tech field ever since she was in elementary school. That strong passion led her to be a volunteer and strong advocate of various organizations that work to get more young women involved and excited about science and technology careers. In her free time, Casey enjoys spending time with family and friends, and really loves baking.