There's so much content about content marketing that it's hard to sift through the bad & find the good. We did the hard work and found the best slide decks.

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Top 25 Content Marketing Presentations on SlideShare

Thu Apr 5, 2018

SlideShare hosts a massive library of presentations that contain extensive knowledge on a wide variety of topics. While most presentations are professional and engaging, there are many that contain trivial and unreliable information. Content marketing, a favorite topic here at Percussion, is a popular subject of presentations on this site.

I have compiled a list of the 25 best content marketing presentations on SlideShare. I found everything from a straightforward business school lesson to an outrageous comparison between content marketing and Star Trek. There is sure to be a presentation that relates to anyone interested in learning more about content marketing!

1. How to do Content Marketing: Use Content Marketing Strategy by MenSagam Technologies

This one is simple and concise. It succinctly defines content marketing, discusses the many benefits, and provides four straightforward examples of how a company could easily utilize content marketing.

2. Content Marketing and Content Marketing Strategies by Kontentory by Rishabh Jaini

This has great graphics that make the process of content marketing easy to understand. It also discusses content management strategy, an essential aspect to the planning and production of content marketing.

3. The Content Marketing Hierarchy of Needs by Tomorrow People 

This slideshow uses an analogy comparing content marketing to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a compelling and attention-grabbing approach. In addition it offers great statistics.

4. Online Content Marketing by Dennis Saaltink

The design for this presentation is easy to read and follow, and really holds the viewer's interest through flow charts and smart graphics. Also, it provides great tips and examples of how companies can increase their ROI by using content marketing techniques.

5. Organisation: The Key To Content Marketing Success by Koozai

Although this presentation does not contain as much information as others, it provides a sense of humor. It also has great organization by dividing the material into four main topics. The information is simple and short, but the pictures greatly help illustrate the central ideas while maintaining a touch of comic relief.

6. Content Strategy: The Importance of Content Strategy in Marketing by Zest Digital

I find this presentation very relatable to the audience. Although it does not have as sleek of a design as others, it makes up for it in the great breakdown of goals and steps for content marketing.

7. Content Marketing Overview by Dan Sturdivant

Aside from providing a solid background about content marketing, this presentation uses a specific company to showcase examples of content marketing. These include Youtube videos, press releases, blogs etc. It is a great way to illustrate essential points about content marketing.

8. LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips by Link Me In Guides

This highly professional presentation contains a tremendous list of fifteen tips for content marketing. The simplicity and variety of graphics are essential to the information delivered.

9. Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge by Velocity Partners

This takes a rather unusual path to discussing content marketing by first stating that it is bad and a load  of “crap”. However, it then shifts to the idea that we must create great content for it to no longer qualify as “crap”. Very nice design and grabs the viewer's attention by making such outrageous claims at the beginning.

10. Content Marketing: The Big 8 Elements of Content Marketing by PinckneyMarketing

This presentation has great organization where it presents the eight elements of content marketing and expands on each topic. It has a professional look and contains beneficial information.

11. Content Marketing - Bullshit or Bullseye by

This short presentation has lots of information about content marketing. I especially liked how it shows statistics about the challenges that current companies face in content marketing.

12. Build a Blueprint for B2B Content Marketing Success by Yesler

This contains a series of helpful tips for content marketing. It has lots of information and a catchy color scheme with a professional look. In addition the numerous charts and tables greatly assist in delivering the main ideas.

13. Content Marketing - Conversation Management Platform by Vlerick Business School

This is a solid overview of content marketing. It is published by a business school so it is essentially a lesson in the topic of content marketing. It has clear organization with six steps to content marketing and has very professional graphics.

14. The Content Marketing Funnel of Love by Uberflip

This presentation relates content marketing to love. It is a fun and stunning design based on the love theme. This uncommon comparison provides beneficial insight about content marketing in a lighthearted fashion. Great “love” graphics.

15. What is Content Marketing? (For The Effective Content Marketer) by Opentopic

This has loads of valuable information. I like how it includes the history as well as steps for how to successfully use content marketing. It breaks down the complex idea of content marketing into simple and easy to follow steps.

16. Content Marketing: Just EAT it! by Social Strand Media

This is a fun presentation relating content marketing to food. It is simple and entertaining, but also contains some important information about content marketing. Warning: Do not view if you are hungry; there are many pictures of food!

17. The Future of Content Marketing by Michael Brenner

I like this presentation because it shows the trends in present-day marketing. It shows how marketing is changing to become more focused on content. Then it goes into content marketing in depth. Great visuals are used in this presentation giving it a modern and clean feel.

18. What Can Rock Bands Teach Us About Content Marketing? by Gerry Moran

This is a great presentation because it takes a unique approach of relating Van Halen to content marketing. It is very interesting how the publisher relates the two together, but it makes sense and offers valuable information about content marketing, especially to rock music fans.

19. 5 Content Marketing Enablers by Casey Knox

This is a very bright and visually appealing presentation. Although quite straightforward and concise, it provides helpful statistics. The creative design helps gain the viewer’s attention.

20. 7 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing by Matt White

This one presents seven “sins” of content marketing. It is different than the other presentations because it focuses on common mistakes among content marketing. Although quite simple, it has a great design and offers short bits of advice.

21. Content Marketing: Think You Know About Content? by Headstream

This has so many different examples of content marketing. It also has tips for each type of example which is highly valuable to those with little knowledge about this important topic.

22. The Mythology of Content Marketing: 6 Quality Content Myths by EnVeritasGroup

This is a great presentation because it discusses many myths of content marketing and then goes on to explain how each myth is false. It provides lots of high quality information while using numerous engaging visuals.

23. 11 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 by Imagination Publishing

This one is interesting because it talks about eleven predictions for content marketing in 2015. It is different because it focuses on predictions of the future, rather than talking about tips or the basics of content marketing.

24. Star Trek Lessons for Content Marketing by Rick Ramos

This is humorous because it shows how Star Trek teaches lessons about content marketing. Although quite obviously unrelated, the publisher makes compelling arguments about how the two can be linked. There are wide variety of tips in this presentation as well.

25. Content Marketing: Make it Work by Percussion Software and Curata

Who can present better information on content marketing other than the people who love it most? Nobody! This presentation discusses common complaints about content marketing, and continues to turn them around into a positive for each claim.

Whether it is through concrete statistics, aesthetically pleasing graphics, or a wild metaphor, content marketing can be engaging and easy to learn. Content marketing is becoming the future and it’s time that everyone becomes educated!

Nate Alden
Nate Alden
Intern | Percussion Software

Nate is a marketing intern with us here at Percussion. He has over three years of interning experience at three different companies assisting in sales operations and marketing. He currently attends College of the Holy Cross and wishes to become a successful business entrepreneur after graduation. In his free time you will find Nate riding the most daring roller coasters, struggling to avoid sand traps in a round of golf, or fishing for Massachusetts's largest striped bass.