Based on Percussion’s award-winning CM1 platform, CM1 SaaS Edition puts enterprise-grade web content management within the reach of any organization.

Hitting the Easy Button with CM1 SaaS Edition

Thu Apr 5, 2018

In February of this year Percussion quietly rolled out a new Percussion hosted option for our CM1 customers.  Based on Percussion’s award-winning CM1 platform, CM1 SaaS Edition puts enterprise-grade web content management within the reach of any organization.  For a low annual fee, at only a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions, customers get access to a private instance of Percussion CM1 web content management system, access to Percussion’s technical support and services, plus all the servers, storage, and Internet connectivity required to build and publish their website.

All system maintenance and upgrades are handled for you - your organization will never have to worry about operating system patches, software upgrades, CMS system backups, or storage management again.  All upgrades to new releases of CM1 are automatically deployed to all customers without the need for customer involvement.

All CM1 SaaS Edition customers also receive access to the SaaS-exclusive Redirect Manager service, which makes managing Vanity URLs and Redirects a breeze.

With CM1 SaaS Edition, customers can literally be designing and publishing their website to the Internet the same day they sign-up for the service - no installation required.

Plus, CM1 SaaS Edition runs on Amazon’s AWS service, the fastest and most reliable Internet platform in the world.  For published content, CM1 SaaS Edition also includes a complete, high-performance web server optimized for static content, using Amazon’s S3 service with its legendary performance and reliability.  

Additionally, Percussion’s optional Kickstarter program can handle the entire start-up process for you, and get your company launched on the web in just a few weeks with a fantastic website, complete and ready-to-go.

For existing on-premise CM1 customers Percussion offers migration services, allowing customers to shift off their locally-managed CMS system out to CM1 SaaS’s cloud offering.

CM1 SaaS Edition offers something that has never before been available to the small and midsize business marketplace - enterprise-grade web CMS, running on the most reliable Internet platform in the world, at a cost that any organization can afford.

For more information on CM1 SaaS Edition, or to schedule a demo, please call Percussion’s sales department at 844-737-2877 (international customers please call +1-781-835-1300), or email Percussion at

Reed Savory
Reed Savory
Director of Cloud Computing and Technical Services | Percussion Software

With over 30 years experience in enterprise IT, Reed brings his extensive knowledge, vision, and leadership to Percussion’s growing suite of cloud services. An industry pioneer, author, and expert in computer security and technology law, Reed has made his mark at legendary Boston area companies including IONA Technologies, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, PictureTel, and Stream Global Services/Corporate Software. In his free time, Reed enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons, championing progressive humanitarian causes, and sharing his favorite geek culture finds with friends and colleagues.