Effective content marketing requires a steady supply of quality content that is also optimized for search and social distribution. Learn how a CMS can help.

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How Does Content Management Help with Content Marketing?

Thu Apr 5, 2018

When we boil down content marketing to its basics, what we want is creating lots of good quality content that is well optimized for search engines and effectively distributing that content to as many channels as you can in a timely and cost effective manner.

Social media helps companies accelerate the distribution of this content to audiences they may have not reached otherwise. The biggest struggles we see that companies have with content marketing typically revolves around content quality, volume and conversion rates. Let’s look at the most common ones and how they can be addressed.

I can’t keep up with the content creation

Whether it’s a shortage of content contributors in your marketing organization, or the complexity of the systems you use, unless you can generate good content flow, you are going to struggle with content marketing. Content management systems that are designed to simplify content authoring can help with this. The more barriers added to content authoring, the more cumbersome the process will seem to your content authors. If your content authoring process is seamless, it will provide independence to your authors resulting in higher adoption rate of content authoring tools, such as your CMS.

The lack of quality content results in low website traffic

The quality of a piece of web content is typically judged in two areas: subject quality and search engine optimization quality. It doesn’t matter how cutting edge and creative your content is, unless it is optimized for search engines, it is not going to generate the traffic you are expecting. Use tools that are provided within your CMS to scan content for optimization best practices prior to publishing. This will eliminate search engines picking up on content flaws (broken links, missing titles and alt texts, etc.) on your pages before you get to them.

The traffic is there but my conversion rate is too low

If you are not getting the conversion percentages you are expecting, you are either driving the wrong audience to your site or you are having issues with your Forms. Companies that are utilizing their websites as a way of capturing sales leads typically use forms to collect visitor information and deliver the most qualified ones to their sales teams. Make sure your CMS can easily integrate with your CRM and marketing automation tools and utilize their forms. Also make sure your CMS gives you the flexibility to choose where you want to place these forms on your website. Most systems provide templates that are “locked down” and limit where your forms can be placed. Don’t let your CMS limit your marketing creativity.

I don’t have an army of marketers on my team to promote content effectively

If you have already succeeded in your efforts to create and optimize your content, your last step is its distribution. If you don’t have the time or the energy to log-in to every single social platform to promote content, use tools that are provided within your CMS. Social publishing and promotion tools enable a single marketer to quickly publish and promote content not only on their website but also on social media channels. These posts can also be scheduled to auto publish on social channels, eliminating the need to spend time on this daily or weekly.

Your content management solution should complement your content marketing efforts. Content management systems that are designed with the marketer in mind can take unnecessary and repetitive work off your shoulders and give you back precious time on your day. Don’t let the technology get in the way of your marketing strategy and content marketing efforts.


Kemal Demirhisar Percussion Software
Kemal Demirhisar
Manager of Solutions Engineering | Percussion Software

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Kemal is the hub that connects prospective customers to product management, and engineering to sales. If you've seen a demo of Percussion CMS, Kemal was probably your presenter. A passionate digital marketer with mastery of code, he is a web content management expert with experience in social, web design and development, building engagement, SEO, and anything Google.