Comparing your content performance to others starts with knowing where you fall on the content marketing maturity spectrum. These tools and stats can help.

Keeping up with the content marketing joneses

Keeping Up with the Content Marketing Joneses

Thu Apr 5, 2018

I have yet to meet a marketer who doesn’t love their job. Changes in technology over the last ten years have really brought marketing’s contribution to light; not just in the form of the metrics to measure success, but with a giant halogen lamp firmly focused on the content marketing creates and its role in moving the buyer toward a sale. Man, it’s getting hot in here. And, it should be, as there is a lot—and I mean A LOT—of content congestion in the marketplace. Everyone is jumping on the content marketing bandwagon.

With buyers exposed to content at every click, the bar has been raised for marketers to be able to capture and retain attention. To truly set yourself and your company apart from the rest, you need to be a better content marketer than your competitors. It sounds simple, but the challenge with that, of course, is knowing exactly how to measure whether you’re better or not. Certainly the competition isn’t going to share their conversion rates with you!

This is where industry research can help. The Aberdeen Group recently conducted research around the topic of content marketing with hundreds of marketers from companies of all sizes. This helped us determine the capabilities, actions and technologies they use to become a high performer. There were some interesting findings. For example, we learned that only 32% of marketers feel they are able to publish sufficient content to meet their needs. This capacity issue is a challenge that requires addressing, because the content itself is a critical lynchpin to marketing success, with conversions and customer acquisition costs hinging on the ability to execute content well at scale.

We also learned that navigating the fine balance of exchange of information for content continues to elude marketers. A recent CMO Council report shared that the two most frequently stated characteristics that are disliked by B2B buyers as it relates to content is blatantly promotional and self-serving content and too many requirements for download. Yet, lots of marketers are continuing to hide their less promotional, curated, and 3rd party research behind a registration form. For example 33% of marketers are gating third-party assets, 19% are gating video, and 11% are gating infographics. With inbound meant to attract early-discovery stage buyers, companies should be leveraging this type of non-promotional content as thought leadership before the registration form to entice buyers forward in their journey.

There’s more: the insights that came from this effort were built into Aberdeen’s Content Marketing Maturity Assessment, a simple tool that you can use to assess your current state and get a sense of the things you can do to rise above the rest. The assessment outputs a comprehensive report, one you can use to plan your next steps in evolving your content marketing strategy. I hope you’ll check it out.

Remember, when it comes to content marketing, simply keeping up with the Joneses is not enough.


Maribeth Ross Aberdeen Group
Maribeth Ross
Chief Content Officer | Aberdeen Group

Maribeth is a veteran B2B marketer fascinated with cracking the code of what makes customers engage, buy from, and champion a brand. As Managing Director and Chief Content Officer of Aberdeen Group, Maribeth oversees all content and business strategy, leveraging a team of industry analysts to create and deliver compelling content marketing solutions. With over 15 years of award-winning experience driving marketing strategy and execution for high-growth technology companies, Maribeth brings a passion for integrated marketing and research-based content development to her role at Aberdeen. Early in her career, while leading marketing for a Ford subsidiary, Maribeth obtained a 6 Sigma Black Belt certification; solidifying her love of statistics and research. She put these skills to work as Director of Solutions Marketing for Iron Mountain where she led research-based thought leadership content development across all product lines. Most recently, she was VP of Marketing at NetProspex.