Take it from a sales guy: we don't like making cold calls any more than you like receiving them. But times have changed, and it's safe to answer our calls.

Love your next cold call

3 Reasons You Should Love Your Next Cold Call

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Nobody enjoys getting a cold call. Nobody enjoys making them either. Most people feel like they have a grip on what they want and need, and don’t like the idea of being sold to. Buyers want to make informed decisions and read up on everything that is out there, and rightly so. But sometimes, due to the staggering amounts of content available on the web, it can be difficult to navigate through it all and determine what content applies specifically to them and their own needs. Google the term ‘CMS’ and there are 411,000,000 results! That should give any marketer enough information to make an informed decision on what to buy, right? Wrong. 

While the amount of content on the internet is huge, and it is a great resource for research, more often than not, people become paralyzed by choice when it comes to pulling the trigger on pretty much anything.

Now I’m not trying to revive the old school approach of 100+ outbound calls, ABC (Always Be Closing), cornering buyers and manipulating them into saying “yes.” But I am saying that by answering a cold call from somebody who is informed on his industry and can provide you with content relevant to your needs, you can actually get useful information and a lot of value. Here are three reasons why. 


As a marketer operating in today’s technology landscape, the marketplace for solutions keeps growing. However, that human being on the other end of the phone asking the right questions can lead you in the right direction, helping you understand your needs in a way that points to a solution. The days of the sales rep elevator pitching you as soon as you answer the phone are over. Research proves that the reps who are informed, educated, and experts in their field are more successful sellers. Why? Because they educate the customer.

Your Career

What if by answering that call you learned about a solution that could help your company dramatically? For example, the solution that you had identified and implemented resulted in a 50% drop in bounce rates from your home page, which increased revenue by $200,000 for the quarter. How do you think this would affect your career capital? Staying on top of available options and being open to others leading you in the right direction for your needs can ultimately affect your career in a positive way. 


One of the most important notions that I have taken with me in my career is that it is the people behind the technology who matter most. The authentic connection between two people when they are on the same page is something that cannot be replaced. It doesn't exist through email, or LinkedIn messages. A live conversation will be remembered and can lead to a collaborative, productive relationship between you and the sales rep on the phone.

Cold calls are still a big part of sales in any business, but they don’t have to be stressful or frustrating for either side. More and more sales people are content and information oriented, and their mission is to help you make a smarter buying decision. It’s not just about the numbers anymore, but creating satisfied, happy customers.


Wes Pietz
Wes Pietz
Territory Account Manager | Percussion Software

Wesley started his career at Percussion in Business Development after completing his degree in Spanish at the University of Oregon and backpacking through South America for 6 months. He loves developing relationships by informing marketers of the tools that help drive results. By utilizing killer content from marketing team, he keeps up to date with the current trends in the digital landscape so he can communicate effectively with marketers. In his spare time, he is usually curating new music playlists, reading and trying to navigate through the snowy streets of Boston.