See the top 5 resources for banks and financial services from Percussion and partners to help you better plan your next website or content initiative.

Percussion Software Must-Read Monday

Must-Read Monday: Top Resources for Financial Services Websites

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Editor's note: Must-Read Monday is back! Every Monday, Percussion Software brings you the top reads for the week in every area of website management, content marketing, and related areas. 

Running a bank, credit union, or other financial services website is different from running a college website, or B2B site. You have to deliver leads and conversions, help customers do what they need to accomplish, and make sure you meet all regulatory requirements.

I've rounded up my top 5 resources for financial services from Percussion and our partners, so as you plan your next web initiative, you can be more confident and better prepared.

1. Top 3 Web Content Management Pains in Financial Services

In this blog post, I discuss the three biggest pains in financial services web content management—from branding to governance—and how they can be addressed on your website.

2. Case Study: FirstMerit Bank

FirstMerit Bank had built a reputation for creating great experiences for its customers, but having an outdated CMS prevented them from carrying that experience into online media. Learn how they transformed their website.

3. Get Personal: The Secret to Connecting with Bank and Credit Union Customers Online

Award-winning digital marketing and design agency Boston Interactive uncovers the new secret ingredient to engaging banking customers online: personalization. Learn more in this 3-post blog series.

4. Industry Overview: Percussion CMS in Financial Services

Your physical locations are no longer the center of your customer experiences. Consumers are evaluating online experiences to determine their financial partners of choice, whether we’re ready for it or not! See what else is new in your industry and how your CMS can help.

5. How to Build a Better Bank Website

Learn what makes a more effective bank or credit union website, what's next in financial services design, and watch a case study of the recent website relaunch for Chemical Bank in Michigan in this replay of a webinar with Dialogue Theory.

Making your bank's web presence more engaging and effective can make all the difference between recruiting and retaining customers, and losing them to a competitor. Get the information to help you succeed.

Did we miss any pains specific to financial services? Are there any questions you'd like to see answered? Let us know in the comments.

Greg Allen
Greg Allen
Territory Account Manager | Percussion Software

Greg is a graduate of Merrimack College with a degree in business administration and concentration in marketing. As part of Percussion's sales team, Greg spends his days helping new customers discover how easy web content management can be. His experience in the content marketing and SEO world has helped him assist prospective clients in understanding how to reach their business goals. Greg is also a passionate sports fan with a deep love for basketball, and a longtime contributor to the Celtics Green blog.