The newest release of Percussion CMS introduces enhancements to search, content creation, and other new features. Learn what else is new in this version.

New Percussion CMS UI

Percussion CMS 4.4 Ushers New Features, Contributor UI

Thu Apr 5, 2018

The newest release of Percussion CMS, version 4.4 is now completed, and brings some major new enhancements and updates to the web content management systems our customers know and love. While we roll out updates every 8 weeks to consistently improve performance, this one ushers in new features as well as the biggest change to the user experience we've introduced this year. 

Take a look at what's new in Percussion CMS.

Saying Goodbye to 32-bit Support

As of February 2015, Percussion will no longer release 32-bit versions of the Percussion CMS. Customers should plan to move their installation to a 64-bit instance. This is being done to ensure that hardware is not the source of performance issues for customers. 

Content Contributor Homepage

To provide a simpler experience for content contributors, Percussion CMS now has a new homepage that focuses exclusively on the tasks that users in this role perform. The goal is to provide a focused experience for these users, minimizing the friction in creating and editing content.  

We listened to feedback from customers who wanted to make it even easier for their content contributors to get to their content. The content contributor homepage bypasses the dashboards, and allows users to view their most recent content, pages they have bookmarked, and to preview, open, and bookmark these items for easy future access. 

Contributors can also use new advanced search features to find content and assets, and use the new content creation wizard to easily create new pages, assets, and blog posts.

Add Content Wizard

The Content Wizard guides the user through the process of creating new content—either blog posts, pages or assets. Rather than the user needing to first select the correct location in the finder before creating a page or asset, the user can now select "Add New" and be guided to create the content in the correct location.

Because most content contributors only use a few templates, asset types or file locations, the system learns these and presents them in the process of adding content. For example, when a user goes to create a page, he or she is presented a short list of "Recent templates" based on templates they have used and a short list of "Recent folders" based on which folders they have saved content. Upon upgrading to 4.4, these lists will initially be empty, but over time they will become populated, making it easier for the user to create content.  

Search Enhancements

Search has been enhanced for the content contributor by combining the keyword search that appears in the Finder address bar with the structured search that exists in the Pages by Status gadget. The user has the option for a simple keyword search, but can also expand the selection criteria to select by file name, last modified by, workflow, and status. For pages, users can further search by site and template. For assets, users can search by asset type.

If users are unable to find the item they are looking for using search, they still have access to the full library of content. By clicking on the Browse Library button, they are shown a full screen version of the Finder/library. This provides the user more real estate to browse the library to find the appropriate page or asset.

Percussion CMS 4.4 Is Available Now

Percussion CMS Version 4.4 is now in limited availability. General Availability is targeted for November 3.  Until then, Version 4.3 is available to all customers on the Downloads page. Contact Customer Success if you would like to have access to the limited availability release. For more detailed information on the 4.4 release, visit the Percussion Help Site.


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