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Get the Ultimate Guide to Making Your Next Website Redesign Easier

Thu Apr 5, 2018

As a career-long digital marketer, corporate websites have always been under my purview. From 90s 'brochure-ware' sites to today's dynamic, demand-generation machines, there has been a continual digital evolution.

One side of this change has stemmed from ever-improving technology. Back-end technologies have advanced to allow for some remarkable web experiences. Content management systems are making it easier to create amazing content. And with ever-present access to information with smartphones and tablets, savvy visitors demand more and more sophistication from their online interactions.

This one-two punch of technology advancement and visitor sophistication has certainly played an enormous role in the progression. But I would argue there are two words that have had an equal impact:  "Website Redesign."

Every marketer knows their website has some holes. Perhaps it’s some stagnant content that we continue to overlook. Or bounce rates that are slowly but steadily rising. Maybe it’s the reduction in conversions on previously high-performing pages. Or brand elements have been updated offline, but the website wasn’t part of that project.

Meanwhile, while we try to ignore our own issues, we’re constantly witness to what the “cool kids” are doing on their sites—through social media or marketing groups, or when leadership attends that meet-up where they are talking about parallax scrolling, real-time personalization, A/B testing, and anything else that’s hot at the moment.

Eventually, the scale finally tips and you realize it’s time to address issues head on and make your website “current.” It’s time for a website redesign. As Marketers, we know the redesign is a major investment—of time, personnel, budget, and patience. And we wish there was an easier way to tackle it.  

We recently went through a website redesign at Percussion, and took it as an opportunity to spend a few months developing the kind of resource everyone on the marketing team wished they had during their last website redesign.

The Complete Website Redesign Handbook is the result of a collaboration between us and some of our design partners, and has first-hand knowledge based on their expertise, and our own recent website redesign. It covers everything from project planning and preparation, to what happens during the production process, and everything you need to do before and after launch.

You can download this 65-page guide for free and use it to navigate the capricious waters of your next website redesign project, and ensure the journey to your new website is as smooth as can be.  But please, don't be too bleeding edge - we're not ready for another redesign yet!


David Cunningham
David Cunningham
Director of Marketing | Percussion

David started his career editing and marketing college textbooks. With shouts of “Publishing is Dead”, he transitioned to online marketing, which he’s been doing for over 15 years. Working closely with executives, sales, and product management, David develops marketing strategies that drive leads, build brands, and exceed KPIs. When not crushing Marketing goals or buying the latest tech gadgets, you can find David pouring beers at America’s Most Beloved Ballpark and the “Cathedral of Boston”—Fenway Park.