With new SEO blogs popping up every day, how do you separate quality from quantity? Check out the top 5 SEO blogs you aren’t reading, featured on our blog.

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Must-Read Monday: Top 5 SEO Blogs You Aren't Reading

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Sure, everyone whose interested in SEO has heard of the Moz Blog and Search Engine Land, but there are a plethora of different SEO blogs out there to choose from beyond those in the mainstream. You may not have heard of the following blogs, and they may have a smaller regular readership than the bigger blogs in the SEO world, but they still have much insight to share.  The following are my top 5 blogs:

1. More Visibility

From basic SEO and user experience all the way to more advanced tactics for onsite, offsite, technical, and mobile SEO, this blog covers a range of SEO-specific topics.  The content is always up to date with industry changes and best practices, and the authors take the time to thoroughly explain their points, often using screen shots and other images to help explain more difficult points.


2. Search Engine Journal

This blog has a ton of content! It covers a wider array of topics than some other industry blogs do. In addition to SEO tips and best practices, Search Engine Journal shares information about the search engines themselves, as well as social media, content marketing, paid search tactics, WordPress, and more. Since all of these topics are closely related to SEO, this blog acts as a one-stop-shop when you’re looking for information.


3. QuickSprout

If you are a fan of KISSmetrics or Crazy Egg, then QuickSprout is the blog for you. Run by Neil Patel, this blog is made up of Neil’s own tests and experiments to help provide insight into SEO and content marketing. What makes these posts so great is they are primarily data-driven, each with detailed explanations of his findings and experience to back up his suggestions.


4. Search Engine Roundtable

This blog is heavily focused on search engines and updates in SEO best practices. Since we all know how often these things change, it’s great to find blogs that you know will be timely. The content ranges from basic tips and tools, all the way to decoding possible crawl issues and penalties. For those looking for information on the latest search engine news and algorithm updates, look no further than Search Engine Roundtable!


5. eMagine’s B2B Blog

Personal plug alert! If you are searching for SEO and digital marketing information specifically for B2B companies, eMagine’s blog is here to help! This blog covers the basics as well as in-depth explanations of best practices for B2B social media, SEO, content marketing, metrics, usability, and more.


Do you have other go-to SEO blogs that are lesser known but still beneficial? We’d love to hear about them!

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Alicia Hale eMagine
Alicia Hale
VP of Digital Marketing Services | eMagine

Alicia oversees the overarching SEO, PPC, CRO, and Social Media strategies and services offered by eMagine. She manages and mentors a dynamic team of Digital Marketing Strategists, all of whom are dedicated to utilizing strong relationships with their clients to achieve unique Digital Marketing goals. Over the last decade, Alicia has built her Digital Marketing expertise with some of the fastest growing start-ups and largest companies in the insurance, manufacturing, marine, technology, education, and non-profit sectors. With both B2B and B2C experience, she has a keen awareness of challenges and opportunities unique to both markets. She is most passionate about building strategic, actionable, and multi-dimensional Digital Marketing plans, Online Brand Creation and Management, and Digital Marketing training and education.