Guest post from Sara Murray of Boston Interactive on the importance of analyzing your website’s performance after launch. Learn more now.

Why the Launch of Your Website is Only the Beginning

Fri Mar 14, 2014

Congratulations, you’ve officially launched a new website! Your hard work critiquing designs and entering content has officially paid off. Think it’s now time for you to relax? Think again. The launch of your website marks just the beginning of the continuous journey to measure, analyze and optimize your digital presence.

During the process of a website redesign, hours are spent interviewing, researching and observing your users in order to understand what they are looking for and how they interact with your web presence. This data is then used to determine the overall strategy and design for your new site. Extensive usability tests (maybe even some eye tracking) are performed, but it’s not until your site goes live that the true effectiveness of this approach can really be measured.

When traffic begins hitting your new website, tools like Google Analytics allow us to track user interaction in real time. We can see how many people are visiting the site, how they got there, what content they are looking at and how long their visit lasted. Most important, we can tell if users are taking the desired actions that the website was designed to guide them to complete. Whether it’s purchasing a product, registering for an upcoming event or submitting a contact form, this information provides the insight necessary to continue enhancing your web presence.

Taking the time to analyze your website performance not only identifies the strengths of your new digital presence, but points out any shortcomings and associated opportunities for improvement. For example, if you are a college or university and Google Analytics reports high traffic on your ‘Visit Campus’ landing page but you are seeing low appointments actually being scheduled, you may consider revisiting your ‘Schedule Now’ call to action. This could involve moving it to a new location on a page, increasing the size, or even trying a refreshed design, in hopes of increasing clicks and campus visits. It’s a matter of realizing an opportunity for improvement and making the appropriate modifications to increase conversions and optimize your overall web presence.

The cycle of measuring, analyzing and optimizing a website doesn’t stop after one round but should continue as an ongoing part of your digital marketing strategy. A website is a living thing that requires the proper maintenance and attention to deliver a user experience that consistently drives towards your business goals. So while the launch of your new website is certainly a great accomplishment and something to celebrate, it truly is just the beginning.


Sara Murray Headshot
Sara Murray
Marketing Manager, Boston Interactive

Sara joined the Boston Interactive team in May 2011 and is today responsible for the agency’s marketing strategy and execution. Her passion for building relationships and meaningful connections drive her work across the web, social media and offline marketing. An Emerson College alum, Sara is proud to call Boston home and be immersed in the city’s growing tech community.