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Thu Apr 5, 2018

One of the key tenets of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing is producing high quality content that provides value for your audience and drives your organization’s goals. Most visitors find your content via web search, making optimizing your content for search engines critical. 

Search ranking improvements stem from a combination of content quality, optimization, and increased publishing frequency. While we’ve been able to help customers increase publishing frequency by providing an easy to use web content management system, our newest product will help them ensure content quality and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) before going live. 

Introducing Page Optimizer 

Page Optimizer helps all website content contributors create content that aligns with the SEO goals of the organization. This cloud-based application plugs directly into Percussion CMS, seamlessly integrating into your content creation and publishing process.

Page Optimizer Targets Common SEO Problems

So how does page optimizer work? As you are in the process of creating or editing your content, an in-page tool allows you to analyze the page against a series of known issues that can damage your search engine rankings, ranging from page titles and descriptions, to on-page optimization.

Page Optimizer also analyzes your page for broken links. Because backlinking is an important component of SEO, adding external links to your pages is important to drive traffic to your site. But since external site links can change, making sure those links are still valid is important. There is mixed opinion by subject matter experts as to whether broken links will impact search engine rank, but at the very least broken links provide a bad visitor experience and should be eliminated. 

Most critically, these corrections can be made before content is ever published to the web. Rather than publishing content and finding out via services that check your live website that you have issues, you can ensure that content is healthy before it ever sees the light of day. Once your content gets a “black mark” by search engines, it times time for your corrections to be recognized. Instead, you can start from the best possible position. 

Keyword Density Analysis

Page Optimizer also provides the ability to enter in keywords and phrases that will be used as part of your SEO strategy. Each page will be analyzed against your keywords and phrases to determine the frequency and density of the keywords on the page. Page Optimizer will also warn users if it appears that keywords are being used excessively or if keywords are missing from page title, summary or headings. Keyword analysis will also highlight the most common words and phrases that are being used on the page to help ensure that the content author isn’t unintentionally emphasizing the wrong message.

Once the content author has made the desired changes to the page, he or she can submit it through an approval workflow so that those responsible for overall content quality can review the content. Page Optimizer can be used during the approval process as well to serve as an auditing tool before publish.

Available Now in Limited Release

The challenge most organizations face is finding the resources that are able to both create compelling content, but also write it in a search engine friendly way. Well-meaning content contributors can undermine your SEO efforts unless they are aware of what it means to write content for SEO.

By scanning page content for SEO errors, Page Optimizer gives content contributors page-specific alerts and recommendations for improvements, also telling them where those improvements can be made. The immediate feedback not only ensures high quality, search engine-friendly content is being created—it also promotes and reinforces best practices with your contributors each time they work on page content.

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