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Most Shared Blog Posts of 2014: Q2 Edition

Thu Apr 5, 2018

July marks the end of another quarter and the start of the second half of the year. It's been a great quarter for content on the Percussion Software blog, with new readers discovering, loving, and sharing our best posts. 

We rounded up the top 10 most shared blog posts from Q2 in 2014, to read again or for the first time, and to share and share again.

1. Google's Panda 4.0 Update Wants You to Feed It Fresh Content

Learn what makes this update so important, how it changes SEO, and what it means for content marketers.

2.  MORPC Launches Redesigned Website on Percussion CMS

State and local government websites aren't often known for their design, but the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission is changing all that.

3. Diary of a Redesign: Convince Your Boss It's Time to Redesign Your Website with These 8 Reasons

Building a case for a website redesign takes time and persuasion. These 8 reasons should help you convince your budget holder.

4. Is Your Company Producing Content “Selfies”? How and Why You Should Stop Content Narcissism

Great content is not about you, it's about the customer. Learn how many brands fail to create content that resonates.

5. How to Create Accessible Websites in Compliance with Federal Laws

Some organizations are mandated by law to meet accessibility standards on their websites to ensure everyone can use them. Learn about the laws governing accessibility on the web.

6. SEO Basics: What Is Link Building and How Do You Use Backlinks the Right Way?

Link building has gotten a bad reputation because it's so misused by spammy sites, but it's still a powerful SEO technique.

7. Content Marketing Superpowers Every Marketer Wants, and How You Can Still Be a Superhero Without Them

From leaping tall buildings in a single jump or X-Ray vision, we have the next best thing to superpowers for every content marketing hero.

8. Diary of a Redesign: Understand the Business Goals for Your Website Before You Start a Redesign Project

You can't have successful outcomes without defining your goals. Learn how to set goals to get maximum value from your website redesign.

9. SEO Basics: How You Can Write Better Page Titles and Descriptions

Meta data is half the battle in SEO, and your page titles and descriptions need to speak to search engines and their users. Learn how to master them.

10. 4 Awesome Examples of Real-Time Content Personalization in Higher Education

Students expect a personalized college experience when they're on campus. Now you can deliver that experience on the web. 

We hope you enjoy these posts the first, second, and third time around, and can't wait to bring you more great content in the second half of 2014. Did you have any favorites in the bunch? Did we miss a post you loved best? Would you like us to cover another topic on the blog? Let us know in the comments.