Breaking up with your current CMS can be hard to do. Percussion makes the website migration to our CMS platform painless. Read on to learn more.

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Part 2: Dump Your Old CMS & Find Your Content Management Match

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Earlier this week we discussed the warning signs that your relationship with your content management platform has crossed the point of no return. Now that you know it’s truly over, we have a plan to help you move on.

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

Admitting there’s a problem is the first step, and admitting that the problem is with your CMS can make you feel equally frustrated and empowered. Now that you know the source of your unhappiness, take the time to articulate everything that’s wrong so that you know what to avoid with your next CMS implementation.

Whether it’s limited user licenses, wonky workflow, slow publishing, or heavy development at every step, be sure to identify your non-negotiables so you can better assess potential WCM partners.

Pack Your Stuff and Go

You’ve been living together for so long, it’s hard to know where your content ends and your CMS begins. Migration is scary, and you don’t want to lose any of the content or assets you worked so hard to create.

Make sure your new content management system accepts you for who you are, and with all your baggage. In fact, it should make migrating your content from your old home into your new one fast, accurate, and painless. A content management platform that can’t accept the whole package doesn’t deserve you.

Take Time for Self-Care

When mulling your migration to a new web content management solution, you should take time to review what really matters. This is a great opportunity to consider your goals, set some new ones, and think about how to measure success in your next relationship. A content audit is worthwhile before a migration to help you decide whether you really have everything your website needs, and it’s something you should take time to do periodically just to make sure that what you’re producing still aligns with your goals.

While moving from one CMS to another is also a great time to treat yourself to a redesign. If you previously made design decisions or compromises based on the limitations of your CMS, you can now explore a look that suits your organizational goals and brand better, and that your next CMS is better suited to deliver.

Don’t Settle for CMS Right Now

Even though every new relationship has a honeymoon phase, try to take the lessons learned from your breakup to prevent more digital heartbreak. Find a content management platform that will give you the room to grow and change in the future, and that can grow and adapt with you. Don’t get locked into another restrictive relationship that keeps your website from living up to its potential.

Breakup Recovery Playlist

As you prepare to part ways, remember it’s OK to mourn the loss of a relationship, even an unsatisfying one. We’ve updated our breakup recovery playlist so you can listen along and shed a few tears for what’s soon to be gone, before moving on to what could be. 

Karo Kilfeather, content marketing manager at Percussion Software
Karo Kilfeather
Content Marketing Manager | Percussion Software

Karo was born in Poland, and learned to speak English by watching "Saved by the Bell" reruns during her first summer in the U.S., which has left her unable to go through life without occasionally breaking the fourth wall. As Percussion's content marketing manager, she oversees and creates content that drives website traffic, engages followers, and helps fill the marketing and sales funnel. She writes about content management, content marketing, SEO, social media and web design, and how to make it all less complicated.