Version 4.5 of Percussion CM1 introduces features aimed at enabling developers do more with our CMS, and adding the option to publish to AWS S3. Learn more.

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Percussion CMS 4.5 Introduces New APIs, Cloud Publishing

Thu Apr 5, 2018

The newest release of Percussion CM1 has been completed, with features aimed at enabling developers do more with our CMS, and adding a new option for publishing.  

Amazon S3 Publishing Support

Amazon's S3 cloud service is an increasingly popular solution for hosting static website content. For customers who want to take advantage of this option, Percussion CMS can now be configured to publish to S3. 

Once you worked with your internal Amazon AWS/S3 administrator to configure the service and have established your Amazon account and website, you can configure publishing in Percussion by entering your S3 bucket, access key and security key.

New APIs

Percussion has created new Public APIs that are now generally available. The REST APIs have been created to allow developers to create objects and content within the Percussion CMS.

This can be used as a migration technique or it can be used as a means of integrating with a third party application such as a product inventory repository.

This REST API allows developers to create assets within the Percussion CMS. This includes custom assets created using widget builder.

Now in Limited Availability

Percussion CMS Version 4.5 is now in Limited Availability release. If you would like access to Version 4.5, please contact support. General Availability is targeted for January 5, 2015. In the interim, Version 4.4 and more detailed information on this release are available on the Percussion help site.


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Dan Flanigan
Vice President of Products | Percussion Software

Dan is a product management specialist with over 15 years of experience building new enterprise products and launching them successfully to market. He has extensive customer and sales facing experience, outlining product solutions that have been successful for customers from 300 to 300,000 employees. Well over 3 million users are using products he has launched. In his spare time, Dan spends his disposable income on Apple products and dreams of seeing his name in TechCrunch.